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If you visit Asheville, NC, your taste buds may not be prepared for this trendy mountain town. While all the buzz circulates about Asheville’s nationally recognized beer, which is truly plentiful and amazing, it was a bit surprising how formidable the entire culinary scene was in Asheville. Last spring, I camped along the the lovely French Broad River for a few days to plunge into nature, and into the local flavor. Choosing one delicious moment to feature is almost impossible, as the brunch at Posana was as incredible as the restaurant was beautiful, the bountiful farmer’s market provided ultra fresh produce for a delectable camp fire dinner overlooking the river, and Tupelo Honey Cafe made my Southern-craving dreams come true. Yet…

Sometimes a chocolate shop beckons with such an alluring window display as to make you want to reenact the Comte de Reynaud’s notorious scene of indulgence in Chocolat. Such was the case with The Chocolate Fetish on Haywood Street in Asheville. Known for their award winning truffles, it was an incredibly lengthy and agonizing process (both for me and my boyfriend who waited many minutes) to choose which little beauties to take with me. I am basically the Cookie Monster of chocolate consumption, so I generally attempt to limit sugars and other top tier food pyramid items, and restricted my selection to four truffles to share. Each one was a sublime creation of distinct yet smoothly blended flavors. I will eventually make it back to Asheville for the mountains, the beer, the quirky vibes, and the teeming optimism of its residents, but not insignificantly, I’ll also go for more chocolate.

Pictured below: Ancient Pleasures-cayenne infused/cocoa dusted, Entice Mint-dark chocolate ganache blended with mint and dipped into dark chocolate, African Queen (my favorite) caramel ganache with a hazelnut wafer dipped in dark chocolate and topped with an edible chocolate leopard leaf, and Mocha Magic-because coffee.

choco fetish