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Good evening fellow food lovers! Although summer has not yet begun, I already feel its imminent end, and the approaching necessity of joining the working world of adults full time. C’est la vie, je suppose. That, however, is only inspiring me to more fully embrace what spare time I have now, and play in the kitchen!

Last night, I docked my i-pod onto the speakers, opened all of the windows to let the warm, cut-grass breeze flow through the room, and began to excitedly ransack my fridge for ingredients. With a glass of wine and the charming Ukulele melodies of Dent May pepping me up to full-swing culinary cheerfulness, I began chopping, slicing, sauteing, and stirring like it was elimination round in a MasterChef challenge. Okay, let’s be honest, I am always imagining I’m on MasterChef. It makes me feel cool. “Yes Chef”!

Below are the pictured results of my attempts. I believe they were a success, as I intended to save some for lunch today, and failed. I simply love quiche and tarts, as they can be served hot or chilled, and can be whipped up with limitless varieties of ingredients. First is roasted plum tomato, herbed goat cheese, sauteed shallots and garlic, with chopped fresh dill and basil and parmesan. I used puff pastry for the shell. The second is comprised of sliced baby ‘bella mushrooms, asparagus, shallots, garlic, plum tomatoes, and a dollop of chèvre on top! Of course, each of these also contained whole milk, organic eggs, ground salt and pepper.

Quiche Prep

pre-whisking egg mixture contrasted with the finished tart!

pre-whisking egg mixture contrasted with the finished tart!

Served with a light mixed green salad dressed in a ‘champagne’ and pear vinaigrette, and “Dark Horse” chardonnay, which is a good quality table wine for the price point! You can buy it at Trader Joe’s.

Thanks for dropping by and having a peek at what’s cooking. I’m heading to Lancaster, PA this Saturday, which has a surprisingly hip food scene for Central Pennsylvania. I will be sure to post some of my findings!

Bonne soirée mes amis!