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..a pepper ring that is!

IMG_3609I finally fried an egg inside of a pepper ring! This incredibly simple recipe looks a little bit fancy but requires almost no finesse, which immediately attracted my attention. Not only is this quick and painless, but it would also be simple to make a large griddle of several at once!

This was a trial run, mid-morning snack, but I am already plotting various ways to serve it next: an herbed oil rub or marinade on the peppers, atop a pile of sauteed kale and alongside some roasted rosemary new potatoes…perhaps with a drizzle of hollandaise? So many possibilities! I simply enjoyed a side of cornbread (one of my favorite items in the bread family), which I heated up with butter on the griddle, and proceeded to dip into the runny center of the egg! The entire process took about five minutes, yet was totally satisfying.

2 pepper process

I am an enthusiastic supporter of putting eggs in or on various food item, so I would be very curious to hear of some new egg endeavors! Feel free to link to your blogs or add pictures in the comments to share your ideas for this, or another egg-centric recipe!!

*p.s. I feel the need to acknowledge my use of sriracha as a garnish. If you regularly read my blog, you may have noticed the trend, but there’s nothing to be done! It’s just so tasty and pretty:)