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Friday afternoon hunger is setting in, but before I go quiet it, I thought I’d share my tasty dinner from yesterday! This dish was one of those that comes together swiftly, with little forethought, yet somehow (to me anyway) seemed thoughtfully planned. I did ride my bike to the store for a shallot and some asparagus, but the rest was already waiting patiently in pantry or cooled compartment. Yesterday evening was blissfully mild, with a thankful absence of humidity, and that twinkling quality of midsummer that just demands outdoor dining. So I fired up the skillet, poured myself a chilled glass of crisp yet mild Chenin Blanc, and opened the doors to let the breeze float on in.Β IMG_3680

Spinach Linguine with sauteed shallot, asparagus, and baby bay scallops with a Saison-butter sauce.

I essentially just sizzled all of the ingredients in butter (sorry, not sorry), adding each element in succession: butter, slivered shallot, sliced garlic, asparagus, and finally the rinsed scallops- for just a couple of minutes. I then tossed in the pasta and took the whole deal out on the back porch to sip some wine and enjoy the evening. Channeling my inner Julia Roberts a la “Eat, Pray, Love”, I ate it all.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!