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Weeks before I moved to Washington, DC, I began stalking various foodie Instagram accounts and coveting their feeds. Although only two hours south of Carlisle, the balmy humidity of these more southerly climes packs a punch. Having moved from a house situated within a five minute walk of two local ice cream/custard shops, I knew it would be necessary to quickly find replacement locations to satisfy my ever-craving sweet tooth.

With snapshots of creamy gelato embedded in my subconscious after weeks of perusal, I consulted a handful of screenshots and navigated to the nearest Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee.

IMG_4089Lucky for me, the nearest location was housed in a converted flour factory behind Union Market-which is another post entirely, but oh-so-enticing.

The barista kindly allowed me to sample the double chocolate and the peppermint stracciatella. To be honest, I knew I wanted the cool, refreshing mint, but I like to stake out my chocolate options whenever possible. The interior (see pictures) was beautifully decorated with a blend of homey accents such as little flower jars with fresh blossoming herbs and rustic wooden crates, and a more blanched, angular, warehouse aesthetic.
IMG_4094 The peppermint stracciatella was incredibly smooth and luscious, and only failed to satisfy my craving because it was so delicious that I immediately wanted more. My friend and dining companion chose the plum, whose bright and fresh flavor profile perfectly showcased the ingredients, which, like a majority of Dolcezza products, are grown and sourced by local artisans and farmers.

IMG_4085 IMG_4087
Next time I’ll try a “nitro” which is nitrogen infused coffee (think Guinness), and is apparently amazing. Do any DC folk have other recommendations for ice cream or gelato? I have only been here a few weeks, and now that I’m adjusting a bit, I will be sure to explore more places..and write more blog posts to accompany the bounty of pictures I’ve been amassing.