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Hello! I’m excited to announce that my article, #EatingfortheInsta: A Semiotic Analysis of Digital Representations of Food on Instagram, is out this week in the new edition of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies!!

For the past year I have been completing a M.A. at KU Leuven in Cultural Studies, where I focused my research and projects on various connections between food and society. Through various projects I have had the pleasure of digging into the fascinating world of food studies and am in the midst of applying for opportunities within the field.

lapin agile

“Le Lapin Agile” Louis Abel-Truchet (1890-1910)  This piece inspired me while I researched paintings of women in cafe society, and also now, as it almost looks like she’s browsing the classified ads for job posts.

It’s an exciting time, and I am looking forward to reviving this blog while sharing some of the experiences of this last year and the present! Keep an eye out for some posts on French cuisine and sustainable farming as I just returned from two months of WWOOFing throughout France. Feel free to follow along on Instagram for updates and if you are interested in the article or would like to share your thoughts on the implications of digital food media trends, please share in the comments below!!