About this blog

Jenny delights in engaging all five senses immensely, but especially prizes taste. A food fancier, society observer, and French culture admirer, Jenny longs for at least five lifetimes to experience the varied potentials life holds, but she will attempt to squeeze the maximum out of just one.


Farmer's Market in Asheville


4 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for the follow! I really like your writing and your detailed food descriptions (and the accompanying photos) have got my mouth watering.



    • Hi Cara! Thank you for the kind words and the follow as well! I am vicariously living through blogs such as yours as I anxiously await word on my TAPIF application next month! Great blog:) Your post on the cat show was cracking me up. A huge building full of cats? Sounds like more than one of my daydreams. I would definitely go too.


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  2. Thank you! Fingers crossed!


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